ODIN Chat v0.5.1 Release
Hello ODIN Community! I'm excited to announce the release of our latest minor update for our flagship application: ODIN Chat.
Not only is this the latest update for our product, but this is the first update that delivers a handful of suggestions and a few bug fixes submitted and upvoted by you!
We're trying out Canny to better organize both planned internal updates and suggestions that the ODIN Blockchain Community has across all our major applications and platforms.
This minor update focused heavily on the experience and feedback of our internal contact system. While there are still further improvements planned here, this is a big step in offering more functionality into how users can manage their conversations and friends.
If you encounter any issues or have new ideas you'd like to submit, please submit a topic on our Chat Board!
Release Teaser Image
Vaughn – @Pixxlated
ODIN.Chat available on Google Play